Frequently asked Questions

Answer: You can come, you won’t be able to buy right away, all the cars are at auctions, we don’t have them in stock. We are not a car dealership.

Answer: No, the one who pays the advance must sign the contract in person at the office, the car will be bought in his name.

Answer: Yes, the purchase of the car will be made in his name within 1-2 days under the contract of sale and he will be able to pick up the car.

Answer: No, you can’t do that, you are not a listed company. All cars are bought from official dealers and leasing companies in Europe.

Answer: You need to purchase a license.
For more information, please refer to our contacts.

Answer: No, the data about the company’s clients is closed and not public.

Answer: All cars are fully checked by qualified specialists with many years of experience, according to the rules of the auction, all cars are in new condition and 100% accident-free.
The contract for the supply of a car guarantees the purchase without accidents and incidents.

Answer: By bank transfer or cryptocurrency.

Answer: It is prohibited. The main condition for the sale of a car at an auction must be its export outside of Europe.

Answer: Yes, of course, there are no legal restrictions.

Answer: Prices are inclusive of customs clearance, you must pay additional shipping and auction fees.

Answer: Contract for the supply of a car.

No, our company’s quota is limited to 75 vehicles per month.
We deliver 60 cars with customs clearance to the client, the remaining 15 cars you can come to conclude an agreement, payment of 100% of the cost. and pick up the car within 1-2 days.

Answer: Yes, according to our company’s quota, but in addition you need to pay the auction fee and shipping if you plan to do it through our company.

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